Anatomy of Taste featuring Neptune Oyster Boston by OctoCog Marketing & Design

Anatomy of Taste – Neptune Oyster – The Johnnycake

AndrewAnatomy of Taste

Tucked away on Salem Street in Boston’s North End is Neptune Oyster, a briny and barnacled fixture in the New England restaurant scene. Go there now and put your name in. It’s worth the wait. Pro move: Grab an aperitivo at one of the many neighborhood watering holes while you wait. The Italians believe it helps create an appetite and the sheer volume of Italian joints in this neighborhood means you can find some pretty interesting and rare examples. Neptune Oyster will call you when your table is ready.

But, today we’re not talking about amaro; we’re focusing our gaze squarely on Neptune Oyster’s version of a colonial New England classic: The Johnnycake.

The story, according to Executive Chef John Ross, is that Neptune owner Jeff Nace fell in love with a Johnnycake he was served in Newport, RI and decided to adapt it for Neptune. The result:

Anatomy of Taste featuring Neptune Oyster Boston by OctoCog Marketing & Design

“I think people love it because it’s the best of all worlds,” says Chef John. “You have sweet, salty, savory, and briny. It’s completely simple — yet decadent.”

Speaking of decadence, We took one look at their weekly specials:

And now our lunch calendar for next week looks like this:


In addition to throwing down the steel-meshed, oyster shucking gauntlet in the kitchen seven days a week, Team Neptune (along with Ruby Wines) is accepting donations for their Pan-Mass Challenge excursion. Learn more about their ride and mission here.


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