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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Develop a distinct identity for your brand by using social media to increase interaction with your target audience. That’s what the “social” part of social media implies, after all! Social media, at its best, is two-way; it’s more than just pushing information out to people. Create buzz around your brand with captivating narrative and beautiful visuals that will attract new fans and cement relationships with long-time friends. Your business isn’t real unless it’s virtual.

Web Design & App Development

Your website should showcase your offerings and atmosphere beautifully and simply. Whether you own an entire restaurant group or you’re just getting your microbrewery off the ground, your website needs to work in concert with your social media presence to communicate vital information like open hours, how to make reservations, or what beers are available in growlers on a particular day.

For those looking to get to the next step, we can develop apps for your business that will help you roll out loyalty & rewards programs and more.

Branding & Design

People eat with their eyes… they make snap decisions about businesses with their eyes too. Every detail is important when it comes to a brand, logo, menu, event art, and more. Each individual element of design must work on its own while supporting the larger message. The design behind your brand should function as amplification for your message. That takes planning, experience, and talent: Tap into ours and ensure that your brand resonates.

Event & Pop-Up Promotion

Whether you want to pack an arena or a quaint coffee shop, we have the tools and reach to help. Across all of our public-facing assets, OctoCog reaches a large audience. We can help you plan an event and maximize ticket sales or, if you want to plan the event yourself, we’ll throw our weight (all eight tentacles) behind you to get the word out.

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