On the Rise: Crave’s Breakfast Menu Levels Up

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A battle rages every morning on the North Shore: a battle for breakfast. Hundreds of restaurants, from legacy diners to newer cafes, are doing their best to bake, griddle and fry their way to a place at your table (or, just as likely these days, your desk or driver's seat).

One mighty combatant who has recently emerged is Crave Cafe & Bakery with their arsenal of house-baked treats. Check out their Instagram feed to see what we mean. And, as if that wasn't sweet enough, their array of croissants, pitas and more are now available as sandwiches overstuffed with farm-fresh eggs, savory meats and their lineup of secret-weapon sauces. Like this one:


Crave's sandwich menu raises up their already stellar breadwork by offering four stock, "off-the-baking-rack" options, alongside a "build-your-own" section which, by our calculations, has 625 distinct and delicious possible outcomes. Time to break out the rewards card and get to work.

According to co-owner Ron Feldman, "While creating our signature sandwich menu, we wanted to have a 'meat lover's sandwich'". The behemoth shown above — The Whole Hog — delivers. According to Ron, who owns Crave with his brother Ken, "We have seen tremendous success with this sandwich. It's popular and it's here to stay."

We're going to stay a little longer, too. We've still got room for dessert.


Chris O'Keeffe

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