Covid-19 and its Effect on the Restaurant Industry


From Dan Donato (Owner)

I came here to tell you that if you’re not in the restaurant industry, you are severely underestimating the number of restaurants that are on the brink of closing in the next 14-30 days. There are a few of them that are doing well, but the majority are in grave and imminent danger. If you can afford to, get take out, get delivery. Buy gift cards if you want.

When restaurants close, the comments on the posts are ALWAYS full of people saying things like “If I had known my favorite spot was in trouble, I would have ordered more”. This is me telling you: your favorite spots are in trouble this very second. Don’t wait to step up your take-out and delivery game. This is the time folks. Now through the next few months, do everything you can if you want to visit those spots after the pandemic.