The 2017 Bloody Mary Tour: Ledger Restaurant


The 2017 Bloody Mary tour moves to Ledger Restaurant! This example is a whopping 22ozs... nothing to sneeze at! Clean, sharp bite from the horseradish, nice acid. It's a delicious Bloody Mary. Garnish: celery stalk, lemon wedge, 1/4 pickled cuke, olive, pickled onion, cuke slice. 

We set out to explore different examples of the Bloody Mary on this tour but we are NOT rating or comparing them. This is more educational for us than anything else. 🍅 🐴

Special note: immense thank you to the bar staff at Ledger for making this on a Thursday. Usually this is a weekend item and they were nice enough to gather up the necessaries to make our Bloody on a weeknight. Thank you! 🐙